Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Don’t Look Back in Anger

Some of us have been angry for so long that we’ve forgotten what it’s like not to be angry anymore.

We’ve become so attached to our anger that we think it’s who we are. But it’s really no more a part of you than an old wound is, when it’s time to finish healing you just have to let the scabs fall. It might leave a scar, but even that fades with time.

You might have to change so much that you’ll have to become a different person. And that can be scary. The unknown usually is. But what is it that you’re so afraid of losing by hanging on to your rage? What will you lose if you let it consume you? And what will you gain when you finally move on?

The song goes; don’t look back in anger. Please don’t look forward with it either.

Alvin Soon Many thanks for sharing your wisdom with me!


  1. I really like your blog.. and what you have to say. This article really hit home with me as a recovering addict.
    Thanks, Kimmy.

  2. Anger is nearly as strong, it seems, as love.... but its' intent and focus is wholly opposite, unless it is righteous anger, in which case, it can fully coexist with love.

    Rage, however, is the loss of self-control combined with anger, and is perhaps not able to be righteous. Rage is destructive, dangerous and festering anger, which boils over into all other aspects of one's being....

    J/ (

  3. I think that many people hold on to anger, as a way of keeping themselves from feeling the pain. It's easier to hate, and be angry, than it is to feel the hurt.

    Also, many times, we need to forgive ourselves, before we can forgive another, but we are so busy focusing on them, we forget that we have to start with ourselves.

    I love you blog, and I want to pass the "I Love Your Blog" award on to you. You can retrieve it at my blog, "Valley of the Subconscious".

    ~Best Wishes~

  4. Thanks for sharing, I really enjoy your blog. I needed that today. Lately I have been feeling anger about the fact that over the past two years I have lost 4 people I loved very dearly. I lost my mother and mother in law this year within 5 months of eachother. I find myself yelling at my family for what they did or didn't do. When deep inside I know I am really just angry and need to let it out. Thanks again,
    Janet :)