Thursday, September 4, 2008

Darkness..let there be..

As darkness fell upon me at work today, I remembered why I share the light. I have been behind shadow from even myself. The impending doom took a toll on my health, and I sit here, wondering if I am having a heart attack, or losing heart.

My last post that was sharing light was gratitude. The only way to walk out of darkness is to step into the light. If you are reading it, you are witnessing it. This is not easy. I could have hit Publish Post on blogger and laid back down. Instead I am forcing myself up. My life is not that bad, and whatever I am going through, I have gone through worse!

Today a friend of mine, while I was in my pity party, asked me how much it would be to write a few posts about his business. He does non-for-profit charity work. I told him that he needs to dedicate time to write out a few benefits for the websites, and I would just do it! Gratitude for thinking of me.

I know I also need more than a few hours of sleep. I will try to get that tonight, and be back on track tomorrow.

Thank you for your comments and emails.


  1. Darkness falls upon all of us sometimes. Hope you are back in streaming sunlight soon.

  2. All I can think is: What a beautiful image! Yes, it is dark. But I like it. Maybe that's how your "darkness" can be, too.

  3. You can see my van in the pic. The beautiful part of the pic was how fast it came in! fast it left! Thank you for your smiles!