Saturday, September 27, 2008

Best way to receive

I thought it would be nice to start each week with a special thought or reminder to keep in our hearts.

One of the universal laws states that the best way to receive things that we desire is to give it to others. Then it can't help but come back to you.

Giving things can mean anything, not only possesions, or money. Giving of ourselves is the harder task.

So try giving a smile, or a nice word, or some assistance to a stranger on the street, or to a friend who needs his or her spirit raised.

All of these acts are giving of yourself.

The Universe keeps a perfect "record", so know that when you need, you will receive, at exactly the right time and place.

That's what some people call a miracle.

A good week to all. Love and light blessings, Kimmy

1 comment:

  1. Woke up one day and saw a "lump". Became terrified of cancer. My mother died of it. Couldn't think about it... or my mother. Went to church. In front of the icon of the Virgin Mary. Felt love for mothers. Felt compassion for my own mother. Healed myself of "cancer" (it was only a hernia to begin with). Catharsis. So a miracle is transferring something you can't think about onto something you can think about, seeing results indirectly that you couldn't achieve directly, and then attributing those results to the impartial 3rd party. A good trick for recovering your own unconscious abilities!