Saturday, September 6, 2008

Being chased by something that is not real

I've been quiet the last few days wondering what to type. I have no clue to what this next journey will bring. What I realize is there are many lessons to be learned. Ignornance that normally spins me in circles, I need to learn the lesson, and move on. I cannot control the evil and anger in people. I can control being chased by fake people. People hurt others when they are hurting. Their path isn't near mine. I need to look towards me.

The best thing is to reach for the enlightenment! What am I supposed to learn here?

Please understand I cannot pretend to be who I am not. I can't fake the niceties. You must look towards yourself for the truth that you seek. Question your motives, and question what's in it for you, and at what cost!!


  1. I believe in being true to yourself, and not creating yourself to be someone you're not.

  2. "To thine self be true." And you stated this beautifully in your own words! Love the picture! Keep up the search for self. Knowing thyself is POWERFUL.

  3. There's an "uploading" of consciousness to a point: A crystal with many faces. And "you" are looking out at the many facets of yourself. This is universal consciousness (or simple "awareness"... without self-consciousness or self-awareness). Be conscientious.

  4. I love the image accompanying your piece. It says so much on so many levels!