Sunday, August 3, 2008

Of course! My Truth and "soul"-u-tion

How much energy have I wasted on people that I thought were my friends, but I was torn to shreds under interrogation or having to hear excuses?? How many times did I have to explain why I try to help or try to heal? Do all humans have to justify when and where they take their next breath?

I will not longer use any of my energy to get upset. Maybe that's Spirit's way to tell me that these friends are not tolerant to what they can't understand?? They change what they do not see! I will not feed into it. Change is a choice. You want it or you don't.

What am I supposed to learn here?

Maybe I am supposed to learn that I do not "know it all."

I think I will continue to focus on my intolerant issues and see if I can overcome them.

One aspect that I truly believe is I must get rid of anything that causes negativity, or anger. I just do not have the energy. I need to be focusing on the way I serve others, not by the way I debate.

I see the light..


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