Monday, August 18, 2008


Generally there is always a wish not to have to face any obstacles. When we begin something new we usually have a thought to have things going better than before. So when obstacles do come we are not prepared and we usually complain and moan wondering why we are faced with problems.

However, whenever we start something new we need to prepare our mind that we are sure to be faced with obstacles. Along with it we also need to understand that these obstacles actually teach us something new and it is only with such situations we can learn and progress. When we have such thoughts we will be able to remain cheerful under all circumstances.

Keep climbing, no matter what the obstacles.

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  1. Mauro Corona, who is a great and famous italian climber (but also an appreciated writer, a genial sculptor and probably my personal hero..) always loves to say that the worst moment of a climb is when you reach the top of the because it's there that you realize that from the top of a mountain you can only go down...
    I think these words are more than a platitude and deserve some reflections... Keep on climbing and enjoy every single step!