Sunday, August 17, 2008

Not an Auror, never saw this coming

Yes, I need to take a small break and add my feelings on this. Most of the world by now, knows that Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was pushed from November 2008 to July 2009. My countdown clock went from three months, to almost a year.

Now I am just another fan that owns the movies, the books, the audio books, numerous toys, posters, etc. I pre-ordered Beetle the Bard, and the Xbox 360 game for the hubby. Right now, I am so close to canceling order, and perhaps buy it in July 2009.

My story of Harry Potter delay is a huge let down for my nine year old nephew. This winter he finally asked me to watch the first Harry Potter movie. I was in shock. He likes Super Mario Bros! But we watched, and I promised that he needs to catch up and read the books, and I will take him and his sister to the theatre in November. It was JUST Wednesday, 8/13/2008, and I saw him again. He said to me, "Auntie Kimmy, I finished Half Blood Prince early! Now I am going to read Deathly Hallows." I was in utter shock. He was adorable.

Now I wish I knew what to say. Writers Strike, uhm no. Actors strike, strike that. HMM. Picture not completed? I think it is. No, I get to tell him that I just don't know why they stalled the release. I have been to midnight showings. I have seen women get chills when we circle around the finally released trailer, and the music starts.

So that's it. Not really a rant, just want to look back one day, and try to understand later what WB was thinking.


  1. Saw the answer to your question just the other day. I don't know what the actors real name is, but the boy who plays harry potter is in a broadway play where he plays a VER VERY adult role, and the production company doesn't want bad press for the opening of the new harry potter movie, so they moved the opening so that the play will be long over by the time the movie comes out.,2933,404681,00.html