Friday, August 22, 2008

My secret art

I have spent many years denying the fact that my work is art. I see myself as the producer, the director, and sometimes even the vision. I am a student of life, yet I like to share the truths that I have found for me, in me.

As a poet, I like to combine different moods, with direct art forms. I like to mix colors to match the mood I am in. I like to write a verse of poetry, and tell my story about the current mind frame I have.

As a musician, I can tell you what is spiritually sound to me, and what is noise. I know how to teach, yet my confidence and my poor hearing will force me to go off key many times. So I focus on who I can help reach a better understanding. It's very hard to be a child church diva, and then someone who can't hold key. But that's where my artist side comes in.

As an artist, I try to pick my songs more to my range. I create images that reflect what I am rather than who I am. What's your secret art?


  1. I am a member of a church choir for the longest time. I can sing, I can read notes but I cannot play any musical instrument.Sad!:(

  2. My church teaches "when prayer becomes work, your work becomes prayer". Behind an artist's illusion of reality there are only paint and canvas. A "man of prayer" sees SPIRIT as the reality behind the illusion. I "paint" with spirit-stuff and (I think) have an effect on what people perceive: I am *a man of prayer*.

  3. writing..I have been doing it since I was a child and only recently put it out there for everyone to see..