Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Music and your emotional state

Music has the ability to move people in ways like nothing else in the universe can. Hearing a song that you like can change your emotional state instantly or very quickly. It’s like one moment you’re feeling this way and the next moment, you’re feeling very different.

Music gives you energy in doing what you do. When you’re in tune with the music, your whole body just feels like jammin along with the beat, the rhythm and the flow of the song.

It’s an incredible experience. Nothing else that exists can ever replace what it does in our very souls?

What is it that is so special about music?


  1. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but music like you say is an instant mover and mood changer. I use it to get my readers into a positive mood about a lot of negative, sad, alarming INFO!

  2. music is so powerful in so many ways. do you know music has an effect on plant growth? if plants are exposed to music, they will grow slower than plants exposed to no sound, but they will be in better health, and will have a prolonged life expectancy.and music has an effect on a baby still in the womb. also peopl with the abiltity to play a musical instrument have an higher average IQ

  3. I play Mozart to clean house. It is very energizing.

  4. Different songs can mean certain things to different people. Some songs feel like you are hearing your own life,while others show you the peace and serinity outside of life.

    Music is something that never goes away, it doesnt leave when things get bad, it doesnt die, its ALWAYS with us.

    Great post!

  5. Music definately has a mysterious way of influencing us. My husband often turns on the radio all of a sudden just to change the family mood. It always works instantly! Now you've got me wondering how it does this...hmm.

  6. Love music...I rarely go more than 7 hours with out listening. (When I'm asleep) I use it when I want to feel happy, sad, creative, or energized. Love it, love it love it!

    Good post.

  7. music can soothe the soul,fire your passion or hold your hand through the trials of life

  8. Music is so great. It is always with us. It brings us to place in the past and brings us to a place in the moment and then....takes us to a place in the future.

    I just found your blog through EC. I was floating around tonight and you appeared.It is so neat how the blog-o-sphere works.

    Great blog.

  9. wow... great post...

    Sometimes, it lifts up the heart, and restores joy.
    sometimes, it calms the savage beast.
    sometimes, it restores hope.
    sometimes, it makes you want to dance.
    sometimes, it makes you laugh...

    powerful stuff...

  10. When I was young, I listened to rock. Then I was "reborn". Not in a pleasant, Christian, way either. This was a horrifying mental / emotional death that nonetheless left me "alive". Well, as I was "dying", I put all my faith in Eminem to save me (LOL): I was desperate, he was powerful, and I thought I had to choose SOMEONE to put my faith in. After, I'd get sick when I heard the songs I grew up with so I started listening almost exclusively to rap. Then finally, I realized that I had been *reborn* into a new generation (one that grew up on rap and, perhaps, had an inherent distaste for rock). Now, I switch between these two aspects of myself: They're really quite different! One is a genius (cerebral). The other can't think so well but can sing and dance (is more compassionate). When I'm in the more compassionate mode, I'm separated from my previous life-force (my soul, maybe -- that thing which used to drive me / that thing which defined who I was). I start to "wither" UNLESS I listen to music (like a vampire, I guess; but I require music instead of blood to make me "immortal"). There's a "heaven" (an eternal place), I think, where music goes on forever....

  11. Yep, music is SO powerful. I was telling my friend the other day that if we had to give up all entertainment sources except for one... I'd keep music. It seems as though I have always been able to mark certain events in my life by music: (Everything I Do) I Do It For You - Slow dance at senior prom, Ice Ice Baby - driving to school for the first time thinking I'm "Mr. Cool" (man, that's embarrassing!), ACDC and GNR - Out on the town with the guys in college, "Love Bites" - When my first "real" teenage love ended. And to me, the greatest love song of all, the one with the most mesmerizing lyrics: Breathe - "Hands To Heaven" (those guys were awesome).

    Thanks for prompting me to take a memory trip, Kimmy!

    Take care and have a great weekend :)