Saturday, August 23, 2008

Many have chosen NOT to see the light!

Here are eye-opening facts about areas in our lives where we have chosen not to see what must be seen, in order to grow.

1. We close our eyes to the fact that the imaginary value we have placed upon our life only holds up for as long as others don't disturb our dreams.

2. We close our eyes to the fact that wherever we go, and regardless of whom we meet, we still seem to run into the same conflicts and experience the same negativities.

3. We close our eyes to the fact that what we call being sorry for our bad behavior really just means that we don't want to be bothered anymore by those who have been troubled by our unpleasant manifestations.

4. We close our eyes to the fact we blame others for what we call their selfish insistence that we serve their interests when the real pain in such moments is but our own resentment over our cowardly inability to just say "No."

5. We close our eyes to the fact that in spite of all of the pain it causes us, and others, we still believe that we know what it means to be a "winner" in life.

6. We close our eyes to the fact that just because we have mastered hiding some character fault of ours doesn't mean that it has stopped hurting those around us who cannot avoid being subjected to it.

7. We close our eyes to the fact that we would rather have the company of known liars and betrayers than have to go through our life by ourselves.

8. We close our eyes to the fact that we will only inconvenience ourselves (especially when it comes to answering the need of others) as a means of avoiding what we see as being a greater pain: their complaints!

9. We close our eyes to the fact that crying for ourselves out of self-pity doesn't change one thing about the nature of the self that is the secret source of all these tears.

For extra swift healing study these friendly guides with the intention of welcoming their light. Remember that our work is to see ourselves through the eyes of Truth and then leave Truth to take care of the rest. Choose in favor of your freedom.

Choose to see!


  1. Sounds complicated. I don't think people choose not to see the light, they just don't know how to. It requires a teacher.

  2. number 2 is so true and one it took me awhile to get a hold of..

  3. I don't think it requires a teacher. It requires choice. "Try not, do." says Yoda.

  4. OMG Michael, how true! I struggle with number nine. What is the secret source of my tears? abandonment issues? Rejection issues? Why do they always seem to change? Sometimes I have to kick myself to stop crying about it!