Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Inflated Ego (This is for the girls)

When someone points out our ego, we don't want to accept it and we continue to go on with our selfish direction. Ego refuses the ability to learn and negatively effects our relationships because there is no give and take. Only take, and take and take.

The method to overcome ego is to develop humility. If you were never taught humility, humility means to be strong within yet to be gentle and able to take feedback. You aren't perfect, and have to accept that fact. Knowing this enables us to bend, what we think we are, and see ourselves for the selfish person we have become. When we admit it it doesn't mean we are defeated, but it reveals our own victory.

It is only when we are truthful with who we are and forgive ourselves and others for not worshipping us, will we be able to allow the flow of natural ups and downs in relationships.


  1. Just EC dropping and wanted to say thanks for stopping by our blog the other day. I'm a huge Floyd fan!!!! Have a great day! -Kim