Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hiding behind the butterfly

As a caterpillar, it is a choice that needs to be made to hibernate for a time, to allow change and development into another being. In the life of the caterpillar, it morphs into the butterfly. As human life evolves, we reach self actualization.

I do not think I am a butterfly. I am near that process, only looking towards that goal.

I sometimes forget that there is still life to live while a caterpillar. I get annoyed by the people who waste life on trivial matters. So annoyed that I lose focus on what I should be doing.

I need to draw on energy for good, and the faith of this earth. And hope one day I will come out a butterfly.


  1. there is a butter fly in all of us..the evolution is just different for each..and sometimes the process gets sidetracked..

  2. Thank you. Just like a butterfly, I love to flutter about!