Saturday, August 2, 2008

The footsteps of Isolation

Pulled from an old online diary of mine.

2004-02-07 - 1:12 p.m.

The footsteps of Isolation® - Kimmy

Six months had passed since I left. Still, so sign of acceptable
social acheivement. Refusing to answer the phone, doorbell, emails.
Intimidated to go out, not wanting to deal with any crowd, noise, and
looks. Hoping my wish of being a wallflower blending with the crowd,
would finally run its course.

Sometimes I think the leave of absence caused more damage than good.

I attempted to get a regular job. Monday through Friday. And although unknown in this realm, I still am noticed, not being able to escape the limelight.

Have you ever wished you could just blend in? Have you watched people that will go unnoticed? What talent do they have to live life, and never be in the center of chaos?

Is there any hope to stray away from the path of isolation, I don't
know. This walk I take is the only way now. Other avenues will only
make immediate matters worse.

The only escape is a fantasy world. Like in Tolkien's world of Middle
Earth. There we all have a level of respect, but one is no greater
than another. All is and shall be created equal.



  1. So today, I reread that blog, and wonder why I was so worried about isolation. I have a great job. I am close with my family, and have several outlets for exercise. Pools, bikes, walking at work. I think in this world today we need to isolate ourselves more from the influences of others. Be free in your mind and your heart to make your choice, rather then vote with the masses.

  2. Well, it sounded like you went through mild depression at the time...

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