Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ding Dong, is the Witch really Dead?

"Vanity is definitely my favorite sin" - Satan in the Devil's Advocate 1997

Who noticed the wicked witch of the west to have such stylish, lavish magical shoes in 1939? And what happened to her? Her sister dropped a house on her!

According to wikipedia, vanity is the excessive belief in one's own abilities or attractiveness to others. Does that mean in only outward appearance, or in ourself as a whole?

When is enough, truly enough?


  1. Kimmy, thansk for dropping by bonoriau and you brilliant comment. When I 1st start blogging I just enjoy posting but when I start entrecard everything change. Hundreds visit my blog everyday and some of them really communicate. We become friends..thanks to all of them.

  2. Hi Kimmy,

    Vanity? I think it matter most only bout your outward appearance. And whether is it enough? Well, I guess not. Otherwise, the wicked witch wouldn't died at the first place. LOL. I never heard bout this story :D

    Thanks for commenting in my blog. I do hope to see you more in the future.

    In case you want to exchange link with me, please do let me know. I could be reach in my personal blog, Hot Shit Form Here and My Little Black Pot. A nice reader and commenter like you is hard to find nowadays (they all busy dropping their EC only - I am included. Haha :)

  3. Granted The Wicked Witch of the East suffered from vanity and her shoes (those glittery red spiky heels) prove it. However, I believe, it was not her sister who dropped the house. The house fell on her when the tornado dropped Dorothy in Oz. WWE's sister was horribly upset with Dorothy for doing this (she considered it Dorothy's doing) especially since Dorothy was awarded her sister's shoes by Glinda!

  4. lol..When I wrote the post late last night, I thought about the house dropping and who caused it. And fate and karma does seem to eventually catch up with you, myself included. Thanks for the comment on my post. I truly appreciate it!!!

  5. I used to think that perhaps there was a balance in there somewhere, between vanity and self-doubt, but now I think maybe vanity and self-doubt stem from the same place - not really understanding our true identity - who we really are... our meaning and purpose and our relationship to others...

    To me, two things are key:

    The rest of the stuff seems to not really matter much in the long run. You can spend your whole life chasing something only to lose something else along the way that was much more precious...

    So I am trying to really live in the moment and to appreciate those I meet along the way...

  6. what an interesting question. for you are right, we all need to believe in ourselves. it's what puts us out there, opens us up, but then when have we crossed that line when we've become vain?

    i think that vanity of oneself expressed on the inside is a good form of self-esteem. it's okay to think you're terrific! in fact, you should.

    it's how you choose to express this on the outside that you need to be careful. i think you need to watch out that you don't then put yourself above others, or feel that you are better than them.

    vanity, with a dose of humility is a winning combination.

  7. thoughtful words..we all have a little vanity in us..some more than others...

  8. I know sometimes when I am "shining a light" trying to help others, I have been told to get off my high horse. It's difficult, because I can feel that their path will only lead them to sorrow. I have to remind myself that they might need to fail, to move on to the next step. It is unfair for me to keep forcing my view. LOL. The last time I tried that with a friend, she called me divine Kimmy. And that is NOT the image I want people to see. Thank you everyone for the comments.