Monday, August 11, 2008

Deceived by blaming others

There are so many times when a situation takes us by surprise and we make the same mistake that we had made before. It is only when the situation has passed that we realize that we have actually repeated that mistake. What then remains is only us kicking ourselves instead of having done something different.

Whenever we make a mistake, we need to first admit it was our mistake, and then learn from whatever has happened. This way there will be no kicking ourselves, (or others), for the mistakes made. There will be, wait for it...learning that'll force us to enhance our journey! And when we've seen our mistakes for what they are, we'll never be deceived by situations, and look to blame others.


  1. Nice post. Unfortunately, it is so much easier to blame than accept responsibility. To some degree, I guess we all do it but some put the blame on others for everything wrong in their lives!

  2. i think toni was right... it is more easy to blame the others when there are some mistakes. so, for good reasons, we must make some discussion about that.