Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tied to your poor choices

Excuses and justification over our behaviors are not meant to fool anyone but ourselves. And how healthy is that? No matter how much you convince yourself, your subconscious knows the truth. We look to many vices when we feel captured by our actions and decisions.

This is the common thread I share with the people I have tried to help. We change the outlook, in order to justify our actions. What we fail to learn, is no matter how you look at fantasy, it still is fantasy.

Many people say like is easier pretending to be someone they are not. Anyone who says this never tried to live two lives. It's hell. And takes way to much energy for me. Which is why I had to put my family first in order to focus in on which path I want to follow from now on.

Some truths/ideas that have come into my mind while posting this message.

1. It is what it is, no more, no less.

2. You make a choice to continue your journey. In a way I wish my friends were ignorant and stupid. Then I can say they didn't know any better. And I wouldn't feel so obligated to help them.

3. One soul, one life to live here on earth, and we only have to answer for our actions in the end. What about how we could affect the ones close to us?

If we are always putting ourselves first... we will end up alone, tied and shackled to our poor choices.

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