Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wake up, it's you!

Why are we often surprised in certain situations that we experience failure, inspite of putting in our best efforts. At such times just blaming our fate will not help but what we need to do is to
check within ourselves
to see if we have something to change.

A friend shared this with me yesterday.

Every great storm throughout time eventually comes to a conclusion at some point and then the clear weather shows up and the new day begins......you will be fine as long as you
learn from the past
bad weather to protect yourself better in case there ever is another storm that is going to cross your path!

If we experience failure, it means some or the other weakness of ours is definitely working at that time. We need to check and recognize our weakness and be
constantly alert.
If you seem to have the same problems all of the time, wake up, it's you!

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