Friday, July 25, 2008

Seeing things that are not there

People overthink their negative thoughts and feelings, examining them, questioning them, kneading them like dough. And like dough, their problems swell in size.

When there is any pause in our daily activities, many of us are flooded with worries, thoughts and emotions that swirl out of control, sucking our emotions and energy down, down, down. We are suffering from an epidemic of
reading into things that are not there
—caught in torrents of negative thoughts and emotions that overwhelm us and interfere with our functioning and well-being.

Some of us wind up torturing those closest to them with their oversize need for reassurance. Plus, the very hopelessness of ruminators makes them unbearable to be around. So while they seek out others more, they actually get less of what they want from them.

One of the suggestions in this blog is to focus on what’s fact, and not just assume you think you know all the reasons. Look at the picture above. She sees things in the tv. If we are focusing on the fact, one simple point I would like to make is the tv has no signal, SHUT IT OFF!

The same goes for many things in everyday life. You don’t have to think a lot about everything. You can just stay in the now and let life present itself.

If we stick to proven facts, you may discover that the truth is often better than if you put in a lot of over thinking, drama, and pissing everyone off around you. You just have to let go of all that thinking that can cripple you.

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