Saturday, July 5, 2008

On being content

There are several keys that unlock the secrets to being truly content with not only what you have, but with yourself. Here are a few ideas to get you started in your own quest to contentment.

First, to find true contentment, you need to evaluate what in your life is preventing you from being content. Is it you don't like your house, your car isn't new, you don't like your job, not enough money, over weight etc... write these things down-all of them. Be honest with yourself, it is the only way.

Next, look at each one of these things in your life and ask yourself how YOU can make a positive change with each one of the things in your life causing your discontentment. For example, if your job is causing you discontent, is there something you can do at your job to make it more fulfilling? Perhaps you can ask for a raise or change your attitude about a certain co-worker. Go through EACH thing on your list and try to at least put a partial solution with it. This will take some time for sure. Do not get discouraged. Keep with it.

Now, make another list of all the things in your life that fulfil you and give you a sense of contentment. Think of your material possessions, your accomplishments, your family, friends, etc..

Everyday try to add to your list of things that give you contentment. Eventually, you will be moving things from your discontent list over to your contentment list.

Everyday try to read, focus, and dwell on your contentment list. Try to grow that list just as large as you can. Be thankful for that list. Read it often. After a while, your discontent list will be much small and your content list will be much larger and you will indeed feel more content.

Things You’ll Need:
a journal
a pen
a few minutes each day
an open mind
a willing heart

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