Saturday, July 5, 2008

Many thoughts on suicide

Suicide is not chosen; it happens when pain exceeds resources for coping with pain.

When pain exceeds pain-coping resources, suicidal feelings are the result. It is an imbalance of pain versus coping resources. A person considering suicide has reached that point by allowing circumstances in his life to rule over him/her.

You can survive suicidal feelings if you do either of two things: (1) find a way to reduce your pain, or (2) find a way to increase your coping resources. Both are possible.

It's different than selfishness.
I think it's a weakness. It is sort of selfish in its own right, but it's weakness. The strong people live it out. The weak people give in.

In order for anybody here to condemn all suicides, you'd have to have perfect knowledge of the intention, circumstances and the person. If you do not, then you simply cannot judge. Only God can do this. HE is also outside of time. It is the heart and intention behind the act that condemns a person. There are mitigating circumstances that can save a person's soul, even in the last moments. Let's not judge.

***********AFTERTHOUGHT on suicide*******

Yes, this blog is in memory of someone that felt he had no out. I am not honoring his choice. This blog is in honor of STEPPING UP, and making changes in your life so you have better coping skills.


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  1. this is really disturbing to me. there seems to be a lot more to this post then meets the eye.

  2. ari seemed like a cool guy to me. wish i had the chance to meet him. think him and i would have gotten along. about this whole news story about him, my only question is why did he do what he did in both ways. i am not a believer in god or such.

  3. I will comment first on Ari. This blog was inspired by the Ari Squire, and the family I knew. Although the newspapers claim what they think happened, who is really to know? Two people are gone from this earth. And we shall not know what truly took place that day.

    We do know that Ari must have been filled with grief, and his pain probably overpowered his coping skills.

    My blog is about coping, learning, and rising above OUR weaknesses. And we cannot do that without admitting our weaknesses.

    As for being a disturbed post; as the title stated, there were many views on suicide. I posted the links that I got the different views. As for my personal opinion, does it really matter?

    We all have to make our own mind up based on the moral, values and coping skills that were instilled in us.