Saturday, July 19, 2008

I surrender, white flag

Waving the white flag

This “making peace,” mind you, is not an easy process. It’s a painful process—so painful, in fact, that most persons will do just about anything to avoid it. And that’s why, in order to be truly healed, you have to face your inner vulnerability without hiding behind blaming others. This painful process, if you stick with it courageously and faithfully, leads to the form of healing you can't get from a bottle, a pill, or anyone else.

What say you?

You didn't come here to prove your worth or to find a problem and fix it. You came to express your talents and abilities, to realize your dreams. How you interpret things plays a large part in shaping your behavior and how others treat you. Focusing on the negative dulls your energy and ability to cope. No matter how bad a situation seems, find something in it to appreciate. Ask yourself, what good could come from this? What can I learn here? The answers you get show you what to do next.

Grow up!
Life isn't about success or failure. Although both teach valuable lessons, fulfilling your potential is the essential goal. Adversity can develop strength. If a dream sours, let it go without judgment or remorse. Assume it's no longer relevant, and look for new options. Even a losing battle can be a stepping-stone to a better situation. Accepting change brings peace of mind.

Relationships are NOT perfect, WAKE UP!

Relationships are like jigsaw puzzles. All the pieces fit together to create the whole. You are not responsible for anyone else, nor are they for you. There's no guilt, no blame, no shame. Allow things to be as they are. Accept each moment as if you'd chosen it. If someone hurts you, look for what you can learn from it. Holding a grudge drains your energy. Forgiveness doesn't mean it was okay with you; it means releasing the person's power to upset you. You may never forget, but letting go of resentment is more productive. This goes double for forgiving yourself.

Move on

Only when you're at peace with yourself can you make a real contribution to anyone. Live your own truth, be honorable, and intend the best for everyone, including yourself.

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