Friday, July 25, 2008

From Marlana - Inner Voice

We need to learn the sound of our own inner voice. Often this voice is quiet and easy to miss. The noisiest ones are usually those voices branded into our mind as a child.

"All I hear are those yelling voices, how can I get rid of them?"

Love them, thank them. Yes, I know it sounds crazy to thank those voices that are constantly putting you down. Just listen to me for a minute before you turn your attention somewhere else. EVERY SINGLE part of yourself is trying to help you be a better person. Every single part of you is working to keep you safe. Even when their techniques are not working toward that direction, that does not change their motivation.

With this in mind, relax, and say "thank you" as those loud voices who jump up to make themselves heard. Then ask them to step to the side and quietly wait their turn. Keep doing this until your mind is quiet. Then ask this question: "What do I want right now, in this moment?" Listen to your answer. Trust your answer. Honor your answer. This is your heart letting you know its needs.

Your heart is like a child, treat it lovingly and tenderly. Any time you ignore it, send it angry energy to try to keep it quiet and so on it becomes louder. Imagine treating a small child the way you treat your heart or your Self. Notice the capital "S" on Self. You are learning to be Self centered..... mmmmm won't your mother be proud of you.

Blessings of Light, Marlana (

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