Friday, July 18, 2008

Complaining and Self Pity

This is one of the greatest energy wasters we have; we create our own environmental, health or psychological and relationship problems, then we complain about our state of affairs. We create cancer, mental diseases, government corruption, etc., yet we blame someone else for it, or life itself.

If something isn’t working or there’s a problem, forget guilt and self pity and instead build a strategy to work it out. Take all the energy away from victimhood, self importance, and self pity and put it directly into strategy. This brings enormous energy and personal power.

Personal responsibility means we own the messes we make, realize our mistakes and weaknesses, and ruthlessly work to eradicate our problems, with no excuses. There is no try, we either do or do not!

Try not to look at life as good and bad, yet as a living challenge to be met and grow strong from. We are here to learn from and witness this massive intelligent, mysterious universe.

Women, get a grip on your life, and men...MAN UP!

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