Wednesday, July 23, 2008

But it's who I am...blah blah blah

Have you noticed that whenever there is an positive twist in our lives, we are full of energy, enthusiasm, and smiles for that day. However we don't continue for long and we find ourselves getting caught with our old excuses and poor life habits. We then shout to ourselves and anyone around us that will listen saying, 'this is how we are, and this is our nature' etc. Once we start working with our old nature we cannot be enthusiastic anymore.

Each new good experience is an occasion for us to finish something of the old. We only need to take a determined thought to remove something of our old nature. We no longer need to give excuses, but make the firm promise to ourselves to transform.

We are the ONLY ones that can can change our destructive patterns. I am fed up with my own excuses as well. Time to practice what I preach!

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