Thursday, July 31, 2008

And now, the time is near

Time to grow up kid!

It isn't a choice anymore. Being seventeen and having the perks of going out, staying out late, going on vacation with boyfriend and his family has a price. And that price is maturity. You can't ask for grown up-like privileges, and then demonstrate child-like behavior when you realize there is more to being an adult.

This next part of your life will be a challenge, no doubt. If you are not ready to move in one direction, wait. Don't commit to doing something if you cannot fully commit. Part of being an adult is honoring your word, your commitments. Dad and I are proud of the accomplishments so far. You are going to have to start making choices on your own soon. Every action has a consequence, and you are nearing the point where grounding will be the least of your worries. The consequences get more complicated when you are older.

I love you. The three of us, Dad, you and I make a good team. We can always work it out together.

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