Tuesday, June 24, 2008

When I let go of who I was, I become what I strive to be

The path to self guided change is long and difficult.
Our lives in this world are a journey through which we discover our true soul.

I do not know each turn on your road just as you do not know mine.
In the end we must all become our own teacher

It is the task of each soul on earth to find their own way to their own truth. To achieve this we look deep within ourselves to find the root of our pain. Only then can we begin to eliminate the cause of our suffering

The world you think you know is only an illusion.
A Mirror of the true world which only exists within us.

All the most wonderful things are impossible however
There is NO LIMIT to what you can do so long as you follow your heart

Some steps you may take

  • Accept the reality of our situation (Where we are at now, where are we going)
  • Identify the root causes (your root issues, not pointing fingers at others)
  • Let go of all attachments (you can’t take it with you)
  • Set our intention (is the goal more attachment?)
  • Give Thanks (we forget what we should be grateful for)
  • Accept the gift of transformation /Healing (allow yourself to give in to self guided change )

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