Monday, June 30, 2008

To the Drama queens, Destroy the Drama Llama

Why I Shouldn't Be An Optimist

Not everyone can handle my overbearing optimism in the face of adversity. Even if I had no survival story, people get worked up, frustrated, and irritated at the fact that I'm prancing around like I cured world hunger. And so what if I did? There are still people dieing for diamonds -- get back to work.

When I'm overly optimistic, I can't possibly cope with the realistic people in my life. They're talking about real things like drama and bs. I want to talk about hearts and butterflies, and frankly... nobody else cares.

Do I really want to walk around introducing myself to people when my head looks like a smiley face with a halo? Do I think people will take me seriously? Do I even want to keep making that happy face... you know, it could get stuck that way. ROFL!

It's because the pessimist does not expect great things to happen, so anything above average that occurs during their day-to-day feels like a huge victory. Being an optimist deprives you of this satisfaction.

Damn..and I thought being positive had it's advantages. Poor me.

(don't worry, I am giggling, and still very positive)

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