Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Money and things can make a person happy temporarily

I have to say that I firmly believe people in today's society are too materialistic. People care less and less about each other, and more and more about what they own and what they want. It's sad if you think about it really. 30 years ago people didn't care what they wore, what car they drove, or what new things they owned - they cared about each other. People just lived life and would be friends with anyone, no matter what that person owned. People today define themselves (and their social status) on materialistic ideas.

Being materialistic is putting too much importance on material things, not just wanting them. I won't give up who I am for money or something material. Material success is a want, not a necessity. Money and things can make a person happy temporarily, but when the money is spent or the fun of the object wears off, the person is stuck where they started- unhappy. For some people, having money and buying things is like a fix. It's temporary, and never enough.

There was a time when candy or a soda was a rare treat for children. Children are now able to get “candy” at every corner at any time. Materialism is instilled in us at a young age. The generations to come will be worse than we are.

I know that when the day is done; I have lived that day to the best of my ability, with a strong moral compass to guide my decisions every day.

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