Sunday, April 27, 2008

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Some people who commit suicide are inconsiderable, selfish people. Others have mental issues. Our society excuses the ones who have mental issues--and rightfully so. They do not inflict their own pain. They inflict pain on their innocent family and friends they leave behind--the ones that are capable of caring and loving unselfishly. Nobody deserves that much pain.

I apologize to some of my readers I offend by making the statement about suicidal people being inconsiderate, and selfish. I can't help but believe my own statements. After all, this is only my opinion. I realize people who are mentally challenged find suicide the only way out of their problems. I do understand and agree with that. It is not my intention to hurt anybody with this article. Some suicides, I agree, have unknown merits we as a society fail to understand. To be that desperate to commit suicide is sometimes hard to understand.

We might have all said this at one time or another, I am going to kill myself," or I might as well be dead, no one will care . We might have all thought it from one time or another. I admit that I have said it and contemplated it.No matter how awful, cruel and fearful the world seems at times, it should never constitute a reason to eliminate yourself. For some, this is cowardly. It does not take courage to kill yourself--only selfish determination. Their survivors were not allowed any alternatives or considerations--only guilt, grief and pain.

If there is a message I could relay to the young and old contemplating suicide, I would advise them not to be ashamed to seek professional help. I also would recommend them to assess their desperate decision and think their actions out. I would make them aware of how their decision to end their life would deeply affect their family and friends. I would ask them why they would want to inflict such pain and sorrow on their loved ones. Most of all, I would inform them that all things must pass and that what seems unbearable to them now will seem so insignificant if you give it time.

The act of committing suicide is not recommended and approved by God. There will be no guarantee that your spirit and soul will reach heaven. Suicide is final.
It is the easy road for some, but it means tears and pain for others.

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