Monday, April 14, 2008

Energy Healing

Energy field healing is the art of correcting energetic defects in the energy field. In energy field healing, the healer seeks to restore the flow of the energy to its strong, natural and healthy state and correct any defects that are present, thereby helping to restore and maintain health to the body, emotions, mind and spirit—to all levels of the being. The healer, in doing this, treats what may be the ultimate cause of disease. By treating ill conditions in the energy field, the healer may work to assist in the resolution of a disease condition which has already manifested in the physical body, or in the mental and emotional life of the patient. The activities of the healer may also serve to prevent future disease, by treating faulty energetic conditions in the patient’s energy field which might otherwise result in illness in the future, should they remain untreated. Additionally, the activities of the healer are beneficial simply because they enhance the entire life process of the patient, even if disease is not present, enhancing functioning of body, mind and spirit and enabling the patient to live a healthier, more balanced and fulfilling life.

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