Thursday, March 20, 2008

You positive!

It works Is it realistic to be positive about life? After all, being positive sounds good in theory, yet in the real world so many things can so often go awry.

Yes, being positive is entirely realistic. Because truly being positive is not based on what is or is not likely to happen.

Being positive is all about what you decide to create. Being positive is a perspective from which you can choose to operate.

As such, not only is it realistic to be positive, it is also highly empowering. No matter what may have happened or failed to happen, being positive is the most intelligent and effective way forward.

There are plenty of completely reasonable and perfectly valid reasons for being negative. Yet they are all outweighed by a single, compelling reason for being positive.

Being positive is always realistic because whatever the situation, being positive gives you the most valuable and powerful options. Look around, and you'll see that the best reason to be positive is because it works.

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