Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Kimmy's Awards

How cool is this! A suprise award from my good friend Janet. Please visit Janet's blog, Dolly's Daily Diary here. Janet has been a great friend both on blogger, and facebook! I have learned so much, and happy she puts up with my crazy busy schedule! Thank you again my friend!

I am so blessed!!
I just received an award from Heidi

Janet, thank you so much. I am touched by your honesty. You inspire me!
Thank you my angel Maitri, I am blessed beyond words.
Friendship Award

Universal Light Award given back to me from Heidi

Power Blog Award

Speak the Truth Award

Lemonade Stand Award

Uber Amazing Blog Award

My Favorite Blog Award

I love your Blog Award

Gold Card Award

Butterfly Award

Kimmy's Awards Given

I created this award to honor those sweet souls that share the light.

Sharing light is simple and free. It costs nothing.

The more we inspire others the more we are placing goodness in this world.

All blogs might not be considered equal, but my friends below each has shared light with me in a special way. Please visit my friends that received this award.

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Thoughtful Reflections
The Painted Veil
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Soul Meets World
Dolly's Daily Diary
Maitri's Heart
Black Tie and Sneakers
The Journeys of Cactus Jack Splash
Chica & Pumuckl
Bas Bas Bas
Modus Vivendi
Marmalade Skies
Parental Instincts
Dwayne Reaves
Jo's Precious Thoughts
Daisy the Curly Cat