Thursday, January 3, 2008

Gifts that share light

I put together a few links of things I have bought for sharing the light with others. Music, Books, entertainment, and other pretty things! If you are going to have light, you gotta wear shades!

Where does Kimmy get her shades? Not a sales pitch! Just look here!

Bargain Countdown: Unbelievable deals at rock bottom prices. Offers for a Limited time and Quantity

$50 off Apple 8GB 4th Generation iPod Nano - Silver $99.99

Encyclopedia of Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters: A Guide to 200 Celestial Beings to Help, Heal, and Assist You in Everyday Life

This is my favorite gift to myself and my friends. $14.21

Evil Eye And Protection Magnetic Light Purple Hematite Bracelet

Evil Eye And Protection Magnetic Light Purple Hematite Bracelet $14.99


$34.50 with Chain!

Your Guardian Angel and You: Tune in to the Signs and Signals to Hear What Your Guardian Angel Is Telling You

$11.30 Hear your Angels!

The Stephenie Meyer Twilight Companion: The Complete Guide

After reading all three books, my daughter loved this! $9.32

Combo Value Pack for iPod 30GB Video Apple : Foldable Speakers / Black Protective Skin Case / Car Ch

Great Deals! $17.99 SALE $15.05